Past Exhibitions


Sunday 10th September until Saturday 4th November       Penicuik Sketchers “Point of View”

Monday 7th August until Saturday 9th September 2023    Creating with Kindness – Gillian Westland’s students

Sunday 2nd July until Saturday 5th August 2023                  Janice McCann

Monday 5th May until Saturday 1st July 2023                      Stephen Beaumont “A Stitch in Time”

March – April 2023      Exhibition of paintings by Marieta Mladenova

March 2023                 PCAA Yarn Group
January 2023               Brian Nicholson’s photography exhibition January 2023 until   Saturday 4th March 2023 was moved to the Riccio Gallery in Dalkeith. Instead – an exhibition from the PCAA’s 45th Anniversary Celebrations of wall hangings and posters outlining the history of the PCAA.

December 2022          Friends in November – Jan Miller
November 2022         Friends in November – Jan Miller
October 2022             45th Anniversary Turner Prize
September 2022        Judy Dale
August 2022               Lorna Noble
July 2022                     Barbara Hegarty
June 2022                    Joy Parker
May 2022                    Inspiring Penicuik” – an exhibition from the PCAA Art Group and friends (Penfest & Hunter & Lass)
April 2022                   Pam Snell – Penicuik History exhibition
March 2022                Annemarie Grant
February 2022           Forth Collective
January 2022             Dave Owen

December 2021        Friends in November – Jan Miller
November 2021       Friends in November – Jan Miller
October 2021           Christine Finlayson and Anne Frost
September 2021      Craft sale for the Sashita Charity
August 2021             Andrew Gillie
July 2021                   Dave Owen and Jackie McDonald
June 2021                  Community art project on display on boards inside
May 2021                  Cafe opened again
April 2021                 Cafe closed – covid lockdown
March 2021              Cafe closed – covid lockdown
February 2021         Cafe closed – covid lockdown
January 2021            Cafe closed – covid lockdown