On the first Monday of every month, a new exhibition of work from a local artist is displayed in the West Street Arts Centre café-gallery. Opening times are Monday – Saturday 10am – 4pm.

If you’re an amateur artist and would like to display your work in one of our monthly exhibitions, please let us know by email in the first instance (pcaa@penicuikarts.org).


  • August 2022

Lorna Noble (textile artist) is exhibiting from Monday 8th August until Saturday 3rd September 2022.

Having taught for thirty years and a day throughout Scotland, first as a class teacher and then, for many years, as a Primary Head Teacher, I took early retirement. Shortly after, we moved to Cornwall, which my husband had got to know, as a mackerel fisherman.

Once we had settled down there, I saw an advert for an Access Course at the local College of Art and Design. I applied, was accepted and became a student once more.

Then, inspired by the Course, I wrote poems, embroidered, worked with felt, created collages and had fun.

When we returned to Scotland, some years ago, I continued in the same vein and occasionally exhibited with friends, though I have not done so for some years. However, I feel it is time to show my work again, having been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

All money raised from the sale of the Poems, Art and Craftwork, will go to Alzheimer’s Scotland and because of this, Penicuik Arts Association are not charging their normal Commission on the Sales; my thanks to them.

  • September 2022

Judy Dale from Monday 5th September until Saturday 1st October 2022

  • October 2022

PCAA Yarn Group with a charity exhibition from Christine Finlayson from Monday 3rd October until Saturday 5th November 2022.

  • November 2022

Jan Miller and friends annual art and craft exhibition from Monday 7th November until the cafe closes for Christmas in December 2022

  • December 2022

Jan Miller and friends annual art and craft exhibition continued until the cafe closes for Christmas in December 2022.

  • January 2023

Brian Nicholson photography from the cafe opening after Christmas in January 2023 until Saturday 4th March 2023.

  • February 2023

Brian Nicholson photography continued until Saturday 4th March 2023.