Penicuik’s paper-making industry film project

Aim: We applied funds from the SCOPS Trust for a project employing a professional playwright, Gerda Stevenson, to write a drama based on our paper-making heritage, bringing together local amateur actors and musicians, and others who might not have performance experience. We envisage this will help all residents remember and celebrate this important aspect of their heritage, and provide expressive opportunities for the amateurs who take part. The drama will be produced as a short film, with the amateur actors filming themselves on smartphones under the direction of Gerda, and filming professionals working on the continuity shots.

The PCAA is thrilled to receive grant funding for the first of two years’ work.

Our first job is to find as many people as possible with experiences (first or second hand) of working in the paper mills. Did you, or anyone in your circle of family, friends and neighbours work in the mills? If so, could we hear your stories?

Please get in touch – contact Sue by email ( or text/phone 0781 505 2929 to arrange a time for a wee chat.

Next, Gerda will contact Penicuik’s Paper-Making museum at Pen-y-Coe Press, Penicuik Historical Society, Penicuik Community Theatre Group and other local organisations for information and collaboration, and will use your stories to write a film script.

As the script unfolds, we’ll be inviting volunteer actors and support for costumes and props, filming etc, to come forward.

After six months, the PCAA must write an interim progress report.

Towards the end of the year, we’ll purchase materials for costumes and props.

At the end of the year, the PCAA must write a detailed report about the first year’s work. If this is satisfactory, the SCOPS trust will give us the money to pay for the second year’s work, when professionals will support volunteers in filming themselves for various scenes, and to shoot the linking footage.