Storytelling Club – Friday 8th December – £5 (Full price)


Storytelling Club hosted by Ruth Kirkpatrick with special guest Roni Fairweather.

Roni Fairweather has been telling stories and singing songs for as long as he can remember. Even when Roni was a very young lad, his father, a musician, would thrust him up onto the stage to sing at Butlins Holiday Camps, this gave him his love of song. While listening to his Grandfather recite tales of the bothies of Angus and his mother tell her stories of the mills of Dundee his appreciation for storytelling blossomed .
As a young child, Ron loved acting out Greek fables and tales of mayhem and monsters. These helped him develop his own particular style of storytelling, physically expressing the characters in the tales he loves to tell.
Feedback from audiences and clients, who year after year invite him back to their schools and events, pays testimony to Ron’s warm, engaging rapport which engages the listeners, as well as his spellbinding skill as a weaver of tales.
Ron recently became The Kirremuir Folk Festival Storytelling champion.


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