Penicuik Silver Band and Youth Band

Penicuik Silver Band

Sunday 24th September 7:30pm

at Penicuik North Kirk, 95 John St, Penicuik EH26 8AG

Tickets from the Arts Centre café, 4 West Street, EH26 9DL,  or online by clicking here.

Penicuik Silver Band is the oldest brass band in Midlothian, and one of the oldest in Scotland having been founded in 1835. Initially, a band made of paper mill workers from the four paper mills in the town, it now contains players of a variety of ages and genders and has a thriving sister organisation, Penicuik Youth Band which was founded in 1998. Both bands are Scottish registered charities.

Brass Bands play regular local concerts, march on gala days and the hunter and lass parade, support civic events such as the street fair, the Christmas lights and other public celebrations. They also have a competitive side with Scottish, British, and European brass band championships. These competitions are organised into “divisions”. At the Scottish national championship this year, Penicuik gained promotion to the third division and a place in the British Championships for the first time in 33 years. We are very pleased to be part of Penfest this year and we hope everyone will enjoy both bands’ performances.