17. PCAA Urgent message

Urgent Message from the Chair of the Penicuik Community Arts Association

Dear PCAA members and friends,
Can you save Penicuik Community Arts Association?
Please take a few moments to read and respond to this message by using the link at the bottom of the letter.
PCAA recently celebrated its 45th birthday but unless there is an influx of members willing to take a more active role on the committee and the association we are unlikely to see 46 years.
The current committee members have all served on the committee for many years. All the office bearers are either in the last months of their terms of office or they have already served out their terms but are staying in post to help the committee. We have been actively looking for a membership secretary for more than 5 years. Our Treasurer has served way beyond the normal term of office.
The situation is unsustainable. Unless there is an adequate response to this plea, the PCAA committee has very reluctantly decided to embark on the next steps to ensure that the affairs of the association are all wound up in a timely and organised fashion.
Please take a minute to complete the short form at:
If you don’t like online surveys, please contact penicuikarts.org@gmail.com for an email version, or you can collect a paper copy from the craft shelf in the West Street Arts Centre Café.
Please reply by 1st January 2023. We will contact you again in the new year.
Thank you and best wishes,