PCAA 45th Anniversary Archive

A trip down Memory Lane!

The PCAA has been sustained and supported by many different people over the years. One particularly active committee member, Anneruth Strauss, posted a lot of material during her years with the PCAA on YouTube, Facebook and on other online platforms.

Please follow the links below to see what the PCAA got up to, inspired by Anneruth’s energetic enthusiastic efforts!

Another notable and very active PCAA member in its early years was Anthony Edge – early musician, maker of viols (viola da gamba) and music teacher. In 1978 he masterminded a production “Lord of Misrule” which involved the Penicuik theatre group and children from local schools. He recently discovered recordings of music performed during that production!

You can follow this link to listen to some of the music performed live at the Town Hall way back in 1978!

First of all, the PCAA has a YouTube Channel with lots of fun videos – most of them recorded by Anneruth, but there are some of our lockdown concerts. It’s well worth browsing!


Here are some of Anneruth’s favourites:

Cosy ceilidhs and Inspired by art
True Voices
The “Making Space” craft group reached out to many people
Anneruth says “this is going back 12 years ago ! whoa!”
And it still makes her smile with joy.
Another channel with lots of lovely memories is Making Space in Penicuik Town

Other notable videos which bring Anneruth pleasure:

Andrew Crummy
Scott from Crystal FM recruiting young writers for The Penicuik Mystery https://youtu.be/fsRvspjWICg
Richard Holloway – Voluntary Arts conference “Why Making Matters” https://youtu.be/8iv8H78RNEg
And a Christmas Fair!
Anneruth also has a link for the Penicuik and District Arts Festival 2012:
And for the Penicuik and District Arts Festival 2011 (Anneruth’s favourite!): http://pdaf2011.weebly.com
For those on Facebook – this page set up by Anneruth holds a long history of Penicuik Arts activities:
Anneruth found Roger Kelly  as he was sorting/packing potatoes
She also found some photos of the Herken Concert 2017
More links include photos from the Penicuik Festival Street Fair day in 2010

There will be more! watch this space!